will's the runners 2

Wrapped on my First Feature!

I just recently wrapped on my first feature “The Runners” which shot in East Texas back in June. I play the comic relief “Kooter” to the hero of our story “Ryan” played by Micah Lyons. Ryan’s sister “Zoe” (played by […]

pepsi 2

Pepsi and Tostitos Commercial with Drew Brees

Had a Super fun time shooting a Pepsi and Tostitos Commercial with Drew Brees down in San Diego. I imagine it will come out sometime during Football season so stay tuned to the website as I’ll put it up as […]

reign agency 6

Signed with Reign Commercial Agency

I am very excited to announce that I have signed with Commercial agent Laura Soo Hoo at Reign Agency. Looking forward to getting out there and auditioning as soon as possible!! For anyone looking to get in contact with her […]

new and improved for website


The Website is beaming with new material!! Updated content on pages such as Photos, Resumes, Contacts, Film Work, and Vocal Performances categories. A Brand new Mostly Musicals Cabaret category with every performance that was released posted to in one place. […]

Coming Soon

Been 3 years. Might as well update this thing. Stay tuned to see what’s coming down the pipeline!!

New Headshots, Film Work, and Vocal Performances as well as news of Upcoming Projects, Events and a lot more to be added to the website. Check back soon to get the full skinny!!


Rave Reviews for Musical of Musicals

So far soooo good. Here are the three glowing reviews to date for Musical of Musicals. Stay tuned to the site as more continue to be released. 1. Grigware Reviews gave us “CRITIC’S PICK” http://grigware.blogspot.com/2013/11/review-musical-of-musicals-musical.html?m=1 2. Steven Stanley give it a […]

The Musical of Musicals

Cast in The Musical of Musicals the Musical!

I was cast a “The Hero” in a wonderfully funny show called The Musial of Musicals the Musical where the creators have taken five musical composers (Rodgers and Hammerstein, Sondheim, Jerry Herman, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber and Kander and Ebb) and created […]

killer thearpy

USC Shoot “Killer Therapy”

A USC short I shot with director Nicolette Daskalakis where I play Doug a convicted murderer sent to therapy with other murderous types to find a way to deal with my dangerous impulses until a vigilante infiltrates the group and mucks up the works. […]

parol officer

Shooting a New Web Series with the Writers and Creators of Couchers!!

The writers and creators of Couchers have a new web series Called Bonnie Blake: Parole Officer with Rachel Brink. I play Kyle a parolee forced by the courts to take anger management classes due to an altercation with costumed characters at a popular amusement […]

Drew's 5th Birthday

Drew’s 5th Birthday

Had the pleasure on shooting with Donald Hobbie again on his short “Drew’s 5th Birthday.